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Tinkby is an online innovation platform that helps organizations tap into the collective genius of their people. It is rooted in over a decade of experience helping organizations innovate in 30 countries around the world. That experience paired with research among senior executives in charge of innovation at the world’s most admired companies helped us create a collaboration platform designed around the way groups actually think and work together. Here is what makes Tinkby special.

  • Strategic Focus

    Tinkby is not a blue sky suggestion box. Activity is organized around projects and each project is focused by a brief to help people generate ideas that are relevant to your strategy.

  • User Diagnostics

    Tinkby assigns a score and a type to each user so you can identify superstars and understand your talent base around innovation.

  • Concept database

    Tinkby actively helps people think by providing stimulus around your challenge to get people thinking differently.

  • Gaming Mechanics

    Competition creates the mix of recognition and exposure that drives greater engagement on Tinkby.

  • Ringers

    On top of the system, you have the option to tap into our talent bank of designers and other experts to help push your projects forward.

  • Social Dynamics

    The social interactions that make ideas in workshops were recreated here to help people develop great ideas together.

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Tinkby in action.

  • Audi uses Tinkby to engage their dealer network in generating new ideas.

  • Kraft uses Tinkby to engage internal talent and key partners around the world to develop new products.

  • The Ocean Recovery Alliance used Tinkby to engage geniuses in fields ranging from design to engineering around the world to generate innovative uses for PET plastic waste as part of the World Earth Summit in Rio.

  • LendLease used Tinkby to engage internal and external stakeholders in developing concepts for one of their newest properties.